Licensed and Approved Saccos in Kenya

Licensed and Approved Saccos in Kenya

Just like any other financial institution, a sacco has to be properly registered, approved and regulated. If you are looking for the best licensed and approved saccos in Kenya, rest assured that Sheria Sacco is one of them. This article explores the various certifications that the sacco enjoys from various leading authorities in Kenya.

How to look for the best licensed and approved saccos in Kenya

With so many people looking for savings options in Kenya, there has arisen innumerable saccos across the country. Sadly, not all saccos deliver what they promise Kenyans. For example, you may expect high returns on savings sacco only to get a fraction of what you were promised.

Registered and Licensed

Before signing the dotted line to join a sacco, conduct a thorough investigation on the sacco beforehand. Visit the actual sacco’s office and investigate if it is a reliable sacco in Kenya. For example, look at the registration and licensing documents carefully. Any reputable sacco will gladly display and offer these documents to you.

Know that the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SARSA) is the body that is legally mandated to register, license and regulate saccos in Kenya. You could visit SARSA’s website and find a list of licensed and approved saccos in Kenya. In addition, you could find a list of deregistered or blacklisted saccos so you do not fall prey of fraud.


Has the sacco that you are about to join won any awards in the past. If the answer is yes, it means that it has won the hearts of its members and regulators alike. Sheria Sacco is one of the leading saccos in Kenya as far as winning awards is concerned.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

In today’s digital age, you cannot get away with the excuse of ignorance. The internet is today awash with customer reviews, complaints and testimonials of different products and services.

There are even websites dedicated to customer reviews in the financial services sector, including saccos in Kenya. Read these and make a sober decision before joining any sacco. As the reviews are written by independent members of saccos, you can rest assured that they are truthful and accurate.

Do careful Homework

Do you want to join Sheria Sacco and you are unsure where to start? Ask your colleagues in the judicial sector or members of the sacco from all walks of life. You will be pleasantly surprised to note that Sheria sacco has best sacco loan products in Kenya.

Compare the interest rates at Sheria Sacco with those of other saccos in Nairobi. Talk to your colleagues at work, family members at home and friends in your social circles. If the name Sheria Sacco comes up multiple times, then you know the sacco delivers what it promises.

When looking for licensed and approved saccos in Kenya, ensure you thoroughly understand what you are getting into. The last thing you want to experience is watching news that your sacco is declared bankrupt of has been deregistered for fraudulent activities.

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