High-dividend and interest paying sacco

High-dividend and interest paying sacco

There are numerous saccos in Kenya that claim to offer high dividends on members’ investments. However, if you are looking for the ultimate high-dividend and interest paying sacco in Kenya, you have come to the right place. Sheria Sacco is easily Kenya’s best bet as far as reduced interest rates are concerned.

Anyone who wants to join a sacco for judicial staff in Kenya needs to see real returns on his or her investment. Nobody understands this better than Sheria Sacco. Read on to understand the reasons why Sheria Sacco is the high returns on savings sacco.

Has best saving facilities

If you require a financial institution with the best sacco savings products, it is time to join Sheria Sacco. As long as you are at least 18 years old and have a steady source of income, you can join.

Once a member, you can determine how much you want to contribute to the sacco in a typical month. You could either deposit to your account personally through one of the sacco’s electronic transfer option or ask the sacco to deduct the funds directly from your account. In addition, you could make impromptu deposits outside your regular payments.

Your shares are calculated from the sacco’s core or equity capital. This means that you will own more of the sacco if you make more deposits to your account. Just like any other sacco savings products, your dividends will be higher if you have more shares in the sacco. The following are different savings accounts operated by Sheria Sacco

  1. Ordinary Deposits Account – Requires Ksh.2,000 as minimum contribution per month.
  2. Shewisa Account –Requires a minimum of Ksh.500 as monthly contribution
  3. Childa Account- Members are required to pay Ksh.500 monthly as contribution
  4. Burial Benevolent Fund- You will need to contribute Ksh.200 every month.

Has best loan facilities

Sacco loan products are usually the most important facets of any sacco. The interest that you will pay is calculated on a weighted average approach. It therefore depends on the society’s income at the end of every financial year. The following are examples of the loan facilities at Sheria Sacco.

  1. Bosa Credit Products- Includes Shamba Loan, Bima Loan, Jipange Loan and Emergency Loan.
  2. Fosa Loan Products- Includes Business Loan and Salary Advance

Additional benefits for members

You know you save in a good sacco if it operates a Burial Benevolent Fund (BBF). BBF is a sacco insurance scheme where the dependants of a member benefit if he or she passes away. Your child who is aged below 25 years are paid Ksh.40,000 while your spouse gets Ksh. 50,000.

One additional benefit that you can expect from Sheria Sacco is in the real estate industry. Unlike other saccos in Kenya, Sheria Sacco has a registered housing society. This entity can buy land on behalf of members at a fair price. Having known the high dividend and interest paying sacco, you no longer have an excuse for failing to join Sheria Sacco.

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