Best Managed Sacco In Kenya

Best Managed Sacco In Kenya

Are you looking for the best managed sacco in Kenya? You have come to the right place. Sheria Sacco is easily one of the best places to invest your money. Owned and managed by members, the ambitions of the sacco are creating wealth for all stakeholders.

As it is a sacco for lawyers, you can rest assured that all its operations are legal, ethical and valuable for you. The following are typical management advantages that this sacco has over other saccos in Kenya.

Highly Qualified Officials who have unrivalled integrity

The management of any organization can either make or break its existence. This is especially truer for financial institutions than other types of entities. Nobody knows this better than Sheria Sacco.

For this reason, the management of the group boasts of some of Kenya’s most brilliant minds. From the national chairman to the Chief Executive Officer, directors and members of the board, integrity and accountability is evident.

Great relationship between officials and members

Unlike other saccos, the officials of Sheria Sacco are long-serving members. This means that they understand the needs of everyone thoroughly. As they have personal investments within the sacco, they are naturally obliged to safeguard members’ investment.

Nothing makes you feel appreciated than being served by friendly and attentive staff. From the moment you submit your application particulars through applying for loans and submitting savings, you will be served by a meticulous team of responsive representatives.

Easy Access to Digital Options

Sheria Sacco easily deserves the title of the best managed sacco in Kenya. With a host of digital options to which members have easy access, the management team deserve a pat on the back.

Examples of such digital tools are a functional mobile app, mobile money transfer services and a customer portal from where customers can log in to their accounts. Sacco loan products are easily accessible through these digital platforms.

Fast Access to News and Fresh Products

Is your sacco slow on making new announcements of products or bylaws? Trust Sheria sacco to deliver information fast and conveniently. For example, the management has unveiled an SMS service where you receive messages regarding your financial solutions.

For example, you are promptly reminded to submit your monthly payments. When new products hit the market, the sacco promptly publishes it on its website. This means that you never stay in the dark as far as your financial life is concerned.

Joining is easy and stress-free

Are you looking for a sacco for lawyers? Join Sheria sacco today in a few simple steps. All you need is a copy of your National ID Card, registration fees and registration form. You will receive communication from the sacco upon successful application. This means that you do not have to physically go an office to access information.

The fact that the website has downloadable forms is a plus. Examples of these are membership forms, nominee card forms, mobile banking forms, housing forms and BBF forms. Having understood the best managed sacco in Kenya, you have no more excuse for waiting.

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