Shamba Loan

This loan facility is available to members of the SACCO who are also members of Sheria Housing Co-operative who would like to acquire plots at the Housing Co-operative.


Its features includes:-

    • Maximum amount is KES 2,000,000
    • Interest of 1% p.m. on reducing balance
    • The maximum repayment period is 48 months
    • Loan not based on three (3) times deposits but the ability to repay
    • The land to be co-owned until the loan is fully repaid
    • The loan will be paid directly to the Sheria Housing Co-operative
    • The loan commitment form will be signed by three parties i.e the borrower, the Housing Co-operative and the Sheria Sacco Society.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Mode of Recovery: Check off
  • Fully guaranteed by deposits
  • Land co – owned until fully repaid
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